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If a picture is worth a a thousand words, then a video is worth, well, maybe millions. Since neither you nor I have that kind of reading time handy (I’m just guessing), here’s a small collection of short videos I have created, produced or been a part of.

As I expand the new webpad, I will be adding a number of live DJ sets produced and broadcast from my studio, some creative music videos I’m working on, and some past vids for grins. More to come…!

AME Studios 3.0: Homepage Intro

A video composite of our cool new homepage intro. For more info, check out AME Studios.

Gettin’ Familiar With The Herc: The Deej

Finding time here and there to test the Hercules JV DJ Controller.

Cut Crazy Animated Intro: The Deej

A quick short using Doc Optic and the Hercules JogVision.

Happy New Year 2018: AME Studios

A quick video short with our annual New Year message.

Happy Holidaze 2017: DJ Dale Lafayette

A quick video short with my annual Holiday message.

About AME Studios: Intro

An introductory video/banner ad for AME Studios. For more info, check out the AME Studios website.

A Revolution In Entertainment

This is the 1997 Sponsorship Promotional Video produced by Apple Entertainment, featuring clips from the 1996 Coast To Coast Karaoke Challenge Finals at Florida’s American Gladiator Arena. Co-sponsored by Pioneer, Karaoke & DJ USA Magazine and others, this ground-breaking competition spanned 50 States, with 25,000 Events and 3,000,000 (3 Million) Participants.