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Dale “Deej” Lafayette began his creative endeavors during the turbulent 1960’s in the East Oakland projects. Showing an early aptitude for art, he won a county-wide elementary school art contest. His hand drawn book covers and comics were in demand and popular among family, friends and students.

In the 1970’s and early days of Berkeley street-art vending, Dale’s unique flow art multi-media paintings, and his natural mobiles that were constructed from materials collected at Marin’s Stinson Beach, were popular on Telegraph Avenue. Born to publish, early efforts during that same period included posters and promotions for rock concerts, a book of poems, and a news magazine about UFOs — showcasing the Bay Area’s only-ever listed and recognized UFO reporting service.

In 1980, Dale opened Signs & Graphics, a small art studio next to Berkeley’s People’s Park, and his work could soon be found all over the SF Bay Area. He expanded his focus from 1988-1991, helping friend and accomplished jazz musician Art Maxwell create the Tonal Gravity Records label, as well as working on graphics and set design for the world premier of John Kaye‘s Cherry Terry at Theatre 6470 in Hollywood, and producing a series of illustrations for Ellen Sebastian‘s original stage production of Face at SF’s Theatre Artaud.

Dale followed this with his one-man art show, Kozmik Thang, a hit at local Bay Area art galleries, cafes and coffee houses. During these exhibitions, he was recruited into co-producing several editions of the cable TV series 30 Minutes: Television With A Vision for BayCable. He was also approached to manage, and eventually take over, a northern California karaoke club scene newspaper.

Co-founding ad agency/publishers VisionMagik Multimedia Group (1992-97), Dale re-tooled the newspaper and went national. The result was the award-winning quarterly music trade magazine Karaoke & DJ USA – whose growing staff of editors and contributors included noted author, music authority, DJ and karaoke virtuoso, Ben Fong-Torres. A favorite among industry professionals, the slick, in-depth color magazine reached an estimated 100,000 readers annually, and effectively raised the bar for similar publications nationwide.

After five years of endless deadlines, traveling across the US as a sponsor and speaker at industry events, and getting very little sleep, Dale took a needed break from publishing in 1998. This to indulge his lifelong musical aspirations and spend time as a popular Bay Area DJ and entertainer — regularly booking gigs at some of the most sought-after parties, events and venues.

During this same period Advanced Marketing & Entertainment emerged, a natural fusion of three decades of creativity, skills and experience. Adding to the already bustling operation of booking entertainment across Northern California, AME quickly found new multimedia challenges, including working with documentary filmmaker Ben Thum on the production of the acclaimed 2000 sports documentary, Alley Cracker: The Story Of Handball (broadcast on ESPN), followed by several outstanding and successful marketing packages for clients.

In 2001, AME Studios announced expansion to online marketing services, moving forward in scope and developing innovative new in-house and client projects. In 2009, The AME Network expanded to add and manage domain registration and hosting services via AME WebXpress, and a variety of other foward-looking vehicles.

Today, AME continues to grow an impressive portfolio of online assets, media services and client networks. Says Deej, “Staying busy is good.” •