A Humanity Divided

I came across a powerful quote online, and loved how it reflected some of my own personal observations. I have taken the liberty of replacing the word “man” with “humanity.”

“Humanity is split — schizophrenia is now the normal condition.

It may not have been so in the primitive world, but centuries of conditioning, civilization, culture and religion have made humanity divided, split, contradictory.

But, because this split is against our nature, deep down somewhere, hidden, the unity still survives. Because the soul of humanity is one, all these conditionings at most destroy the periphery of the individual. The true center remains untouched — that’s how humanity continues to live.

In this way however, life becomes a hell.

The whole effort of Zen is how to drop this schizophrenia, how to drop this split personality, how to drop the divided mind of humanity — how to become undivided, integrated, centered, crystallized.

The way you are, you cannot say that you are. You don’t have a being. You are a marketplace of opposing voices. If you want to say “yes” immediately the “no” is there. You cannot even utter a simple word with totality. In this way, happiness is not possible; unhappiness is a natural consequence of a split personality.”

— Original quote by: Osho Dang Dang Doko Dang

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